professionals working together for professional dental staffing solutionsWe are seeking healthcare professionals across a variety of fields to join our professional dental staffing network. Individuals who are interested in improving patient care, working with local communities, and growing our network are a great match for SOH. We are looking for both clinical and administrative professionals who are willing to join a unified team of professionals to improve all of the practices in our network.

We treat all of our employees with respect and gratitude, whether they have owned multiple practices in the past or are just getting started with a professional dental staffing network. It is important that our employees treat each other with the same respect to create a healthy and happy workforce. This team-first attitude will serve to benefit all of our practices and affiliates.

Our clinical job offerings include positions for dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants. In the administrative sector, we have available careers in human resources, information technology, and accounting. We are also seeking marketing professionals with experience in advertising, promotions, and digital marketing.

SOHDental provides a thorough training program for all of our employees, as well as on-the-job training so that they are continually receiving the best education and keeping up with our partners.

To learn more about our dental staffing solutions, business support services, dental practice marketing, and more, call us at 636-362-4986.